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Hi, I'm Israel "Izzy" Touitou. I'm an experienced educator, researcher, instructional coach, and curriculum and assessment specialist. I earned my Ph.D. in science education from the prestigious Weizmann Institute and have spent most of my professional career immersed in science education research as well as classroom teaching.Since 2016, I've been providing professional consulting services to clients from Michigan and beyond as part of my position as a research associate at Michigan State University (MSU). In 2021, I founded my own consulting firm to continue and expand the work I've done at MSU. My consulting services include professional development, pedagogical coaching, curriculum and assessment development, and more. My focus has always been on building efficient and results-driven relationships with teachers and districts. I work closely with my clients to create customized plans of action that address localized issues and leverage existing experience. I have a passion for science education and a commitment to helping my clients succeed. I'm dedicated to delivering high-quality consulting services that drive meaningful results. If you're interested in learning more about my vision and consulting approach, feel free to get in touch with me.
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Data analysis

Collecting, analyzing, and using data to inform the coaching and instructional process.

Assessment Development

Developing contextualized,NGSS-aligned assessment items to measure students’ learning gains and mastery progressions

Instructional Coaching

Working with teachers, individually and in groups, to promote a more student-centered, inquiry-based classroom culture.    

Professional Learning

Interactive and engaging sessions aimed at improving teachers’ pedagogical skills as they create a more student-centered, inquiry-driven classroom.

Curriculum Development

Adapting existing curriculum/ teacher materials into a contextualized version better suited for the specific needs of the school and in a manner that promotes students’ engagement, interest and deep learning.  

Sample Projects

Crafting a High-School chemistry curriculum.  

Using research-backed units as the starting point for the work, our team has worked with teachers to create a full year coherent sequence of units that are aligned with the NGSS performance expectations, promote student engagement, and support meaningful learning.  The curriculum implementation is accompanied by classroom observation, instructional coaching and professional learning sessions.

Incorporating Computer Science Standards (CSS) into 3-5 science curriculum.

To address the call to incorporate CSS standards into k-5 curriculum, our team has incorporated those standards into an existing science curriculum through the introduction of a computer-based modeling tool. Through use of that tool, students are engaging in scientific modeling(one of the core practices of the NGSS) as well as various computational and system thinking skills.  The modified curriculum is accompanied by an interactive video guide that guides the teacher through the creation of both teacher and student models as well as a virtual workshop.

Creating Earth and Space Science curriculum.

Working alongside teachers, our team is leading an effort to create a full year NGSS-aligned curriculum.  This curriculum will address all the earth and space science performance expectations as outlined by the NGSS with an emphasis on three-dimension all earning, students’ engagement and meaningful learning.

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